Day of Defeat: Source 17.0


Day of Defeat: Source 17.0

Day of Defeat: Source is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter game
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Day of Defeat: Source is a multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Valve and published by Activision.
This new version of Day of Defeat, is set on the fight in the European Theater during World War II, it runs the acclaimed Valve's Source engine, and it is very much realist game, it features better graphics and sounds, and above all great physics.

Day of Defeat: Source was the first game to implement the effect of High Dynamic Range (HDR) (later used by Counter-Strike: Source, Half-Life 2: Lost Coast and Half-Life 2: Episode One). Valve also included other purposes after it was launched with the aim of making the game look more like a film of the Second World War. These are: motion blur, depth of field (depth of field), film grain and color correction.

By joining the server, the player chooses a team to play with: Allies or the Wehrmacht (German Forces). After that, you should choose a class, those available are: Riflemen, Assault, Reinforcement, Snipers, Machine guns or Rockets. Some servers may limit the number of players from each class, usually to prevent the abuse of snipers or machine guns. Once the player has the class starts at a predetermined point of the map, and must fight for control of objectives. If he dies, must wait for the next wave of reinforcements to return to battle. The player also has the option to change classes while waiting for reinforcements.

Compared with other FPS, Day of Defeat: Source allows the player only a small amount of life , thus when being hit by a single shot may result in death specially in the head. That's why the players should be covered with each other and use teamwork to achieve victory.

The graphics and sounds of the game have been influenced by the film Saving Private Ryan.

In conclusion.
This is a very interesting WWII game for all war game fans.

MN Senior editor
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